About the event

The profound contemporary alienations shaped by long-term crisis require revolutions in the nature of struggle in order consciously to change the external world. Education is central to such change. Our conference and workshops combine militant scholars and scholarly militants to share knowledge, resources, history, and practices related to the role of pedagogy for developing consciousness in the present moment. We focus on ad hoc and insurgent educational form-and-content, from survival schools in the Dakotas (including the one recently at the Standing Rock #NODAPL occupation), the PAIGC educational program that unrolled during the 1961–1974 war of liberation in Guinée-Bissau, “pop up” universities organized by young militants in conjunction with housing, anti-police, and other struggles in Portugal’s immigrant communities, Zapatista escuelitas in Chiapas, research-center interventions in established universities such as CUNY, University of Quito, and elsewhere, union- and worker-center based political education in apartheid South Africa and neoliberal USA, and the purpose and ambition of current student strikes and uprisings in India, South Africa, Brasil, and beyond.

Cosponsored with the Center for Place, Art, and Politics