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Fabrications of Reality


About the conference

Join us for the annual French Graduate Student conference "Fabrications of Reality" as we examine how storytelling and fiction are not solely found in literature and how prevalent ideologies also tell us stories that determine and shift our perception of reality. There is no objective reality, only fabrications, literary and political. The conference will bring together scholars in thinking of how reality is constructed through history and in this new political era. Presentations and discussions will address Autofiction, Bovarysm, Fabrications of identity, Queer utopias, Orientalism, Reality as text and Semiotics of mapped realities.

Keynote Lecture: Kyoo Lee, Professor of Philosophy at The City University of New York, CUNY.

Cosponsored by the Henri Peyre French Institute, the Doctoral Student Council, the PhD Program in French at the Graduate Center, CUNY