Carol Jenkins is President of The Women’s Media Center and a Founding Member of its Board of Directors. She is also a board member of AMREF/USA. An Emmy award-winning former news anchor and correspondent who covered presidential politics as well as international issues, Ms. Jenkins leads the Women’s Media Center’s online publication and its advocacy initiatives. She is a national spokeswoman for women and the media, arguing the case for inclusion of women throughout the media: in ownership positions, at the highest levels of management and creativity, as well as the telling of women’s stories in television and film, radio, print, and online. As president of the Women’s Media Center, Ms. Jenkins has testified before the FCC, and written about what she calls The Invisible Majoritythe 51 percent of the population (women) who occupy only 3 percent of "clout" positions in media. As a media and political analyst, she has appeared as a guest and in debates at top national outlets