Géraldine Gourbe is a Professor of art theory at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Annecy Agglomeration (2010-2013) and was a lecturer at Sciences Po (Institut d'études politiques) in Paris and a visiting professor at the University of Metz. A scholar in critical and visual studies, she specializes in queer and postcolonial theory. She is currently writing a book on the West Coast feminist influence on Allan Kaprow's work, pedagogy and life published by Fama collection, Presses du réel and directing a bilingual publication 'Utopy, Pedagogy and Art Community based Space in South California' published by Shelter Press/Printed Matter (Fall 2014) with Mark Allen (Machine Project), Juliette Bellocq (graphic designer), Carol Cheh (art critic and art historian), Matthew Coolidge (CLUI), François Esquivié (architect), Rita Gonzales (LACMA), The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Suzanne Lacy (artist), Elana Mann (artist), Emily Mast (artist), Senga Nengudi (artist), Pauline Oliveros (artist), Janet Sarbanes (philosopher and writer), Jian-Xing Too (art critic), Andrea Zittel (artist)... Gourbe is a researcher at the scientific laboratory FAAAM/CREA Nanterre University/Paris Grand-Ouest from which she obtained her PhD in Philosophy 2008 - granted by the French Cultural Ministery - on the continental political philosophic concepts of being together and living together articulated with the art history of feminist art performance in Los Angeles from the end of sixties to eighties.