Gwendolyn C. Warren is a long-time public sector administrator, who has distinguished herself as a leader in the areas of education, health, social and community services. For over 35 years she has worked in a variety of executive level capacities in city and county government in California, Florida, and Georgia with diverse populations that add unique and challenging issues to the provision of quality government services. Her ability to leverage limited resources to devise and spearhead innovative programs, services, and initiatives designed to assist individuals with improving their health, achieving self-sufficiency, accessing necessary services, and building and supporting sustainable and safe neighborhoods is second to none. Ms. Warren’s lifelong passion and commitment for designing services and programs to support and enhance the overall capacity of the community began at the age of eighteen, when she became the Co-Director of the Detroit Geographical Expedition and Institute, an extraordinary and enduring project of community-based and collaborative radical geography research and education.