Hector Marino Carabalí was a municipal councilman at the time of the paramilitary incursion. His efforts to denounce and resist the paramilitary occupation led to his forced displacement. Months later, he returned to co-found Asociación Renacer Siglo XXI, the first “victims’ rights” organization in Northern Cauca for whom he is now the legal representative. He is also a co-founder and coordinator for the Committee of Human Rights of the Municipality of Buenos Aires, a collective of 25 civil society organizations from the area. Mr. Carabalí has been a key organizer around human rights issues and victims’ processes for these communities. Additionally, he is the speaker for the National Coordination of Afro-Descendant Organizations and Communities (CONAFRO), and a national delegate for La Marcha Patriótica, a political party which seeks a negotiated end to the armed conflict and integral reparation for the victims of human rights abuses.