Kerstin Brätsch is an artist, working autonomously and collaborating with others. In 2007 she founded DAS INSTITUT with Adele Röder and since 2010 she has been working with Debo Eilers as KAYA. With her interdisciplinary artistic practice Kerstin Brätsch opens up new perspectives for painting, while investigating the boundaries between abstraction and the semiotic qualities of images. Brätsch’s interest in Painting lies in the questioning of the body: Painting is investigated in the extending field and its relation towards the body (physical, psychic, psychological and social) and towards space (physical, psychic, psychological and social). In changing roles and several collaborative projects, Kerstin Brätsch weaves a net of art historical references, painterly gestures and performative elements, the status of the image remains suspended and painting is presented as a relevant though variable medium.