Noémi Michel works at the University of Geneva as a lecturer in political science and as a postdoctoral scholar in political theory. She is also the co-founder and coordinator of the research group POST IT “thinking racial and postcolonial difference”. She recently defended a PhD dissertation in political theory about speech act politics and equality in postcolonial Europe. It focused on contemporary claims denouncing the “injury” inflicted by words, images and narratives inherited from colonialism and enunciated in Swiss and French public spaces. Her research interests are in the areas of poststructuralist, feminist and queer theory, postcolonial and critical race theory, with a focus on issues of equality and difference, politics of (anti)racism, discursive, visual and narrative production of racialized and (post)colonial difference. Her recent work has been published in Social politics, the Swiss political Science review and the Journal of Ethnic and Migration studies.