Tanya Fields is a working mother from Bronx, New York. In 2006, she quit her day job in the corporate sector to become a full time activist for food justice and local farming. In doing so, she created her own organization called The BLK Projek to help underserved woman of color by creating women-led economic development opportunities. In her attempts to construct an urban farm on a piece of underdeveloped New York City Parks land as well as other underdeveloped land in the South Bronx, she is shaking up the NYC borough from the earth up. Currently, Fields is not only still solidifying space for the Libertad Urban Farm but working on creating a women led cooperative food business that would deliver locally soured, nutritious meals to youngsters in group & family day care. These opportunities not only help create organic, nutritious and local food but give underserved woman the chance to build community with other woman, learn in workshops and gain skills.