Ujju Aggarwal is a Spencer Foundation/National Academy of Education Postdoctoral Fellow and a Visiting Research Scholar at the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics (CUNY Graduate Center). Her research grows out of her longtime work as a community organizer and educator, and engages U.S. education policy in relation to race, class, gender, and urban space. Her manuscript in progress, Tracking Choice: Freedom, Rights, and the Structure of Citizenship Post-Brown is a historically informed ethnography that provides a critical genealogy of “choice”—as a key principle of reform and management in public education—to trace how neoliberal restructuring in the United States emerged in tandem with the winning of Civil Rights. Her next research project traces the new contestations over public schools that have emerged since the Great Recession, and the definitions of community and kin networks that are developed, negotiated, and produced in making claims to public sector goods such as public education and more broadly, to urban space in the after-life of gentrification.


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