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The history of how Black and Puerto Rican youth movements led the transformation of CUNY’s admissions and curricula contains lessons for public education/city struggles nationwide. Ricardo Gabriel will speak about the late 1960s rise of Puerto Rican Studies, Amaka Okechukwu will present her new book To Fulfill These Rights: Political Struggle Over Affirmative Action and Open Admissions, and Anna Zeemont will discuss 1980s-90s CUNY youth coalitions and literacies.

To Fulfill These Rights: Political Struggle Over Affirmative Action and Open Admissions was published by Columbia University Press in 2020. Bonus! Use coupon code CUP30 to save 30% on the book purchase.

This event is organized as part of Conor Tomás Reed's residency at Wendy's Subway, Radiating Black~Puerto Rican~Feminist Studies from the City University of New York to the Americas and the Caribbean, and is co-sponsored by Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative from the Center for the Humanities at The Graduate Center, CUNY.

About the speakers

Ricardo Gabriel was born on the ancestral lands of the Lenape people, in what is now known as Brooklyn, New York, to working-class parents from Yauco and Arecibo, Puerto Rico. He is a PhD candidate in sociology at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Africana and Puerto Rican/Latino Studies at Hunter College, where he was also an active member of the Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM). His research interests include social movements, decolonial education, and climate justice. His work focuses on the role of education in struggles for decolonization and radical social change. Ricardo’s dissertation examines the movement for Puerto Rican Studies at The City University of New York during the 1960s and 1970s, and focuses on how movement participants challenged colonial discourses in higher education and sought to advance emancipatory knowledge and practices. He has taught at Fordham University and The City University of New York.

Anna Zeemont
is an English PhD candidate and Gittell Urban Studies Dissertation Fellow at CUNY Graduate Center, where she studies Composition-Rhetoric and American Studies. Across CUNY, she’s served as a composition instructor, Writing Across the Curriculum Fellow, writing center consultant, and New Media Lab research fellow. Anna’s research draws on queer-feminist, decolonial, and abolitionist frameworks to interrogate the politics, rhetorics, and movement of literacy across educational institutions and urban geographies. Her dissertation traces 1990s CUNY activist literacies as interventions into neoliberal racial capitalism and intersecting oppression within and beyond the university. Before starting her PhD, Anna worked in secondary education in the Bay Area, where she grew up.


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La historia de cómo los movimientos juveniles afro-descendientes y puertorriqueños lideraron la transformación de las admisiones y los planes de estudio de CUNY contiene lecciones para la educación pública y las ciudades en todo el país. Ricardo Gabriel hablará sobre el auge de los estudios puertorriqueños a fines de los 60, Amaka Okechukwu presentará su nuevo libro To Fulfill These Rights: Political Struggle Over Affirmative Action and Open Admissions, y Anna Zeemont hablará sobre las coaliciones y alfabetizaciones juveniles de CUNY de las décadas de 1980 y 1990.

To Fulfill These Rights: Political Struggle Over Affirmative Action and Open Admissions fue publicado por Columbia University Press en 2020. ¡Bono! Use el código de cupón CUP30 para ahorrar un 30% en la compra del libro.

Este evento se organiza como parte de la residencia de Conor Tomás Reed en Wendy's Subway, Radia​ndo​ ​Estudios ​Afro-descendientes~Puertorriqueñ​xs​~Feminist​as​ de la Universidad Pública de Nueva York a las Américas y el Caribe.