The Center for the Humanities seeks to provide events, spaces, platforms, and working relationships that are accessible and inclusive to disabled audiences and participants.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, all of our events are currently being hosted virtually.

We strive to provide language access through interpretation and live captioning for our events as well as visual descriptions whenever possible. Each event page on our site lists the forms of access provided for that event. If you have specific requests for forms of access that are not listed for an event, or feedback on our efforts to make our events more accessible, please email Alisa Besher at [email protected].

All published documentation of our events is closed captioned. We also seek to make all new content on our site screenreader accessible and include visual description of all images; however, much in our web archive still remains to be made accessible, and we will work to make more of our archive accessible as soon as possible. Please write to us at [email protected] for requests to make archival materials further accessible.

The Center for the Humanities is based at the Graduate Center, CUNY at 365 5th Ave., New York, NY. The building is ADA-accessible and has a non-gender segregated restroom on the seventh floor, accessible via elevator, as well as gender segregated restrooms on the other floors. Once we are able to resume physical gatherings, we ask that guests attend events fragrance free, out of consideration for guests who are chemically sensitive. T-Coil induction loop connections are available on request for most events in our building.