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About Lost & Found

We publish original texts by figures central to and associated with New American Poetry. Poised at the intersection of scholarly investigation, innovative publishing, and cultural preservation, each Lost & Found chapbook emphasizes the importance of collaborative and archival research.

Lost & Found is characterized by its careful attention to the interplay of poetry, poetics, friendship, and politics. Working in personal and institutional archives located throughout the country and abroad, our editors illuminate understudied aspects of literary, cultural, and political history.

The research at the heart of our publications is conducted by students and fellows under the guidance of an extended scholarly community, and supported by private donors, foundations, and the Center for the Humanities. Lost & Found is funded in part through the generous support by The Engaging the Senses Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts, Furthermore: a program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund, The Leslie Scalapino–O Books Fund, and the Sylvia Klatzkin Steinig Fund.

Each year, these efforts result in the production of a new Lost & Found series that includes extra-poetic material such as correspondence, journals, and transcriptions of lectures. Working alongside living writers and their heirs, the imprint also organizes public programs that promote new, cooperative models of textual scholarship and publication. In addition, Lost & Found has joined with select publishers for book length projects emerging from our research, appearing under the general title Lost & Found Elsewhere.

Editors Anne donlon & Rowena Kennedy-Epstein at the launch of Lost & Found Series III.

Editors Anne Donlon & Rowena Kennedy-Epstein at the launch of Lost & Found Series III.

Lost & Found Series VII launch