About The Object Library

Richard Woods Studio, Logo 161, 2018

This commissioned block-printed installation takes as its starting point the wood pattern of the original B. Altman & Co. department store floor, a section of which can be found in the common room running immediately behind the library reception area. In summer 2018 we made investigations to see if an original floor might lie beneath our ground floor library carpet. When we discovered that a renovation project was not possible, with the generous support of Amie and Tony James, we commissioned Richard Woods Studio to re-invent our original floor for the 21st century, producing the work on which our transformed library study space now sits.  

Logo 161 is a work of renovation that also asks what we are looking for when we resurface our environment. What kind of library might be most conducive to public study?    

Welcome to The Object Library: An interactive space to encourage hands-on learning.  

On the first floor of the Graduate Center, CUNY, our newly designed Object Library offers both material objects and books as starting points for knowledge. Somewhere between a traditional library and a sculpture gallery, this new space will display selected objects alongside curated books on core research themes. The visitor will be able to sample scientific knowledge and the latest thinking in the humanities in a relaxed environment with a focus on material culture.  

Join us for the official opening of The Object Library Tuesday, October 16th from 6pm to 8pm across both The Object Library and James Gallery ground floor spaces.


365 Things

365 Things is the participatory launch project of The Object Library, inviting all-comers to contribute one thing to go on open display. Beginning empty, we ask the Graduate Center community and friends to make this first exhibit together in our inaugural Bring-a-Thing-a-Thon event.  

You are invited to "show and tell" an object of interest or significance to you, perhaps related to your research, or your personal history, or social experience: one gifted object to share on our gridded walls, installed here in the form of calendar months.  

Please bring your object (no bigger than your head!) to the Amie and Tony James Gallery on the ground floor of 365 Fifth Avenue on October 16th and 17th 2018 from 12 to 6pm, and join us for a celebratory launch event from 6 to 8pm on Tuesday, October 16th, across both gallery and library venues.  

This will be a transitional participatory project that invites students, faculty, staff and friends to show (and tell) something interesting, and that sets the stage for us to invite wider publics to take part. Starting with a call for objects, the project will involve the accumulation of things in an open display system, which takes a form reminiscent of days in a calendar.