Teaching materials that connect past and present pedagogical strategies culled from Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative.

With a focus on education, conversation, and organization, we can begin to engage the archive as blueprint, as map, a way of learning from those writers and artists who came before us and responded to a world awry. Below are some configurations that we hope will be of use to you in your classrooms, organizational spaces, development of public actions, re-framing of pedagogies, and beyond. Single books, as well as full sets of Series I-VII are also available for classroom adoption at a discounted rate. We also encourage you to make your own choices and create packages that will work for you.

The following are some suggested configurations:

Teaching Pedagogies/Methodologies:

This collection features work that explores radical teaching pedagogies and classroom reformation with the goals of fostering accessibility, creating syllabi featuring writers of various marginalized communities, and establishing diversified programs in higher-education.

Feminist Practice & Writing:

This collection brings into focus different modes of feminist practice and writing.


This collection highlights resistance through acts of writing, art, and protest.

Friendship & Politics:

These two collections highlight the political and cross-cultural ideologies developed by a globalized network of poet-friends.

U.S. Poets & Global Interaction / Cross-cultural Ideologies:

Radical Poetics:

The works in this collection feature poets whose work challenges the norms of subject and form set in place by the dominant poetic canon.

Queer Poetics:

These lesser known pioneering works from queer writers add nuance to our understanding of marginalized history, and depth to a contemporary understanding of social progress.

For the full listing of Lost & Found publications visit lostandfoundbooks.org

For more information on how to order and adopt these sets into your classroom, curate a set of your own, or the adoption of a single publication or Series of Lost & Found, please contact our Managing Editor Stephon Lawrence at [email protected].