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About the event

What happens when we incorporate the nonhuman material world into academic conversations? As part of the Object Library's collaboration with the Henri Peyre French Institute, the Object Seminar: Breaking Boundaries welcome the public to join us in study, taking material culture as our point of departure.

On the occasion of the final Object Seminar led by Jasmine Claude-Narcisse, to be held in the Object Library from 5 to 7pm, we invite all-comers to lodge their own “seminar” objects into our temporary installation, 365 Things.

What makes you think? What might make others think? Bring one object—no bigger than your head—that you think might sit well at the center of a seminar. 

Donate your object to 365 Things by bringing it to the Object Library on May 10th, 2 to 8pm, and be ready to tell us why you think it makes a good contender as a seminar thing.

Stay and join us for a glass to celebrate the culmination of the seminar series in the Object Library from 7 to 8pm.

2-8pm: Object drop-off

5-7pm: The Object Seminar with Jasmine Claude-Narcisse

7-8pm: Reception

The Object Library is located on the ground floor of the Mina Rees Library at the Graduate Center, CUNY. For more information about the Object Library, click here.