Aspen Christian is a student in the Women’s and Gender Studies Master’s program at the CUNY Graduate Center with a focus on anthropology, oral histories, and reproductive justice. Their thesis explores the intersections between intergenerational adolescent motherhood and the larger political economy in which their experiences are situated. They spent time collecting brief oral histories from their mother and grandmother about their experiences as teenage mothers and are using this intimate research as the basis of their thesis. They graduate in May 2019. Outside of academia, they have experience working in communications and advocacy departments at nonprofit organizations. Before starting at the CUNY Graduate Center, they spent time as the Digital and Social Media Intern at Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky. Currently, they are the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at SAGE (Services & Advocacy for LGBT Elders). In both of these roles, they have collected personal stories from supporters ranging from abortion experiences to participating in the Stonewall riots.