Cristina Pérez Díaz is a PhD student in the Classics program at the Graduate Center. She serves as a Magnet Fellow at the Graduate Center, a Public Humanities Fellow 2015-2016 at the New York Council for the Humanities, and a Mellon Fellow in the Seminar for Public Engagement/Translation Seminar at the Center for the Humanities. Pérez Díaz’s works on ancient Greek and Roman theatre from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes reception, translation and translation theory, performance studies/practice, poetics, and literary criticism. Her research discusses the reception of ancient drama from both a theoretical and practical approach, since she is also a theatre practitioner. At the Graduate Center, Cristina co-chais the Classics Graduate Student Association and of the Social and Political Theory Student Association.

Cristina Pérez Díaz's creative work can been found here: www.cristinaperezdiaz.


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We investigate how translation can be a process of transformation.