About the research group

mp3 is a mobile performative platform where poetry and philosophy merge around some of the shared questions of pressing importance. This series of transdisciplinary experimentations will generate its site-specific archive through poetry readings, philopoetic conversations, experimental workshops, interactive symposiums, small group projects, etc., most of which will be published as articles, chapbooks, or anthologies.              

We will pursue two tracks: one is topically open-ended and occasionally sequenced while the other is more thematically organized around “Poetic Justice,” the literary term for morally resonant retributive rightness, which we could reconceptualize more literally and broadly today,  as we do now seem to need every bit of justice, even poetic.

In Fall 2017, “PoeticJusticeToday.mp3” opens with the event “PoeticCitizenshipToday.mp3,” with some promising notes on what poetry today, this verbal life of free (dis)association, can tell us about belonging and freedom.

QueensEnglishToday.mp3,” in turn, the conversational prequel to the “Queens English” poetry slam at Queens Museum, explores the intersections of the poetics and politics of language, say, “English,” by showcasing its generic diversity, expressive plurality, and polyphonic futurity.

The faculty coleader for this research group is Kyoo Lee

The CUNY Graduate Center PhD student fellows for the 2017-2019 Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research are Daisy Atterbury, Karen OkigboJules SalomoneJaime Shearn CoanJanet WertherDiane Yoong, and Kasey Zapatka.  

Research Teams