About the research team

The Labor of Care Archive: Changing the Narrative for Family and Paid Caregivers will work closely with partners to catalyze the creation and amplification of the narratives of caregivers, illuminating the personal, economic, and social impact of caregiving in New York City and beyond. The Labor of Care will offer a series of writing workshops for family caregivers of the elderly and disabled at partner institutions across the city; establish a working group for CUNY faculty and staff to create and activate their own caregiving stories; and develop a capstone seminar that provides mentorship and support to CUNY students in oral history and archiving methods to gather and activate caregiving stories as part of the larger nexus of health and care. These activities will result in a digital archive showcasing narratives by and about family caregivers and home health workers who tend the elderly, ill, and disabled in New York City.  By making these stories visible and placing these personal narratives within both a local and global framework, this archive aims to facilitate public dialogue about the politics of long-term caregiving and end-of-life care practices in the United States, and the implications of a labor exchange in which workers from countries across the Americas come to the US to provide care work for families here, resulting in a care deficit in their home countries.  

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