About the working group

This seminar will provide an interdisciplinary forum for faculty and students working on film (and related moving image media). Our primary mission will be the formation of working groups exploring the intersections of theory and creative practice in film and media, and to create a dialogue between creative practitioners and scholars. These working groups, to be formed by the participants, will serve to workshop creative and research projects, and discuss readings based on shared interests. Student participants have expressed interest in a dedicated dissertation writing group affiliated with the seminar. Each group will meet monthly, in addition to several public events and lectures. As the seminar develops, work produced by each group will ideally generate larger talks, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, or new seminars. Our objective is to foster ties amongst the faculty and students working on film across, and beyond, the campuses at CUNY. All seminars and events are open to the public.

For more information, visit us at: filmseminar.commons.gc.cuny.edu